Welcome to Bunker Bytes! The purpose of this blog is to record the changes brought about by the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus in the UK, and how this impacts on the everyday lives of ordinary people such as myself who have found themselves, yet again, in a situation of “We’re all in this together” playing on permanent loop on a global scale.

The blog is divided into several different areas:

  • Diary : this is the main bulk of the blog, where I record my daily ramblings about the ever-evolving situation – what has changed? what is now difficult? what is unacceptable? what is clear or unclear? what sort of support is available? what is the impact on individuals? what is the impact on us as a nation? what about the global impact?
  • Bunker Bites : food has become an unavoidable topic of conversation due to panic-buying, the consequence being that although there is no shortage of food and deliveries are as normal, it has become difficult to get hold of some basic foodstuffs. So, this section deals with ideas about food, cooking, eating cheaply, home-baked substitutes, and some ideas for boosting health and immunity.
  • Creative Writing : prose about the pandemic, describing authentic experiences of trying the manage the situation on a personal and domestic level.
  • Triumphal Trophies : a bit of silliness really. Panic-buying and stock-piling has caused untold problems for many people, with basic and essential items unavailable. This page is a collection of things I have managed to acquire after a bit of a struggle.

Evidently, everybody’s experiences during this time will be different and dependent on their own personal circumstances, work situations, family situations, location, etc. Through this blog I intend to try to capture a snapshot of my own life at this time with its inevitable changes, whilst being very aware that the challenges that most people are currently facing are far graver and more complex than my own.

Without wanting to appear smug, I consider myself to be fortunate in many ways – for example, I live in a rural area, due to recent surgery I am not currently working and in a recuperation period, and the only person dependent on me is my dog. However, in other ways I am not so fortunate. I come from a small family and none of my relatives live close by; my parents are elderly and both have serious on-going health conditions, my adult daughter also lives some distance away, and my sister is currently in mandatory-isolation abroad. Now we are all officially in ‘lock-down’, my options for actual contact with any of them is now zero. I also have a long-term physical health condition which comes in the guise of osteoarthritis, so I do need to find ways of managing access to medical care and medication at this time.

So, I hope you will enjoy reading these ‘conversations with myself’ and will find some common ground or perhaps a bit of insight or even wisdom in these pages. Clearly, there is no quick and simple solution to this viral pandemic, but I will be recording my thoughts as it unfolds. It’s always good to share ideas, so do please feel free to leave your comments below.

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